Members let fellow travelers know where they have been by filling out their personal destinations map.
Then they share photos, videos and written reviews about these
Fellow travelers use this
information when researching destinations and have the ability to contact members who have
already been there.
Baraaza travel guides are written and maintained by its members.
Join us and come share in the wealth of travel information!
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Free Travel Rewards
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Share your travel knowledge, travel photos & travel videos for destinations you have already visited and earn travel points that can be used for even more travel.
Activity Finder
Activity Finder
Best Dive Spots

The South Pacific is full of hidden dive spots that only a few lucky souls know about. Browse our activity videos to find your next scuba destination.

Where Travellers Meet - Travel Advice
Where Travelers Meet
Connect With Travelers

Contact someone who has already been there. Browse and search our community pages for members by using search criteria such as destinations visited, travel styles, gender, age, and activity interests.